Patience is a big theme in my life. I’ve reflected on it here previously, but it’s such a big part of what I am focusing on these days that I’m starting to see the practice reaching it’s little tendrils into every facet of my life. I notice fairly quickly when I’m being impatient and how it impacts my mood, and when I stop to pause and just be in the moment, magical little things happen, like my little duck visitor at the park today.


She sat a foot away from me as I was drawing and watched me for 10 minutes.

The moleskine that I previously mentioned has become a center of grounding and reflection. I have a daily gratitude practice that I share online and in person with a few different people (in exchange for their own gratitudes), and I’m also recording these daily in this moleskine. I copy down quotes that make me pause in thought, in wonder and in awe. I print out text conversations that uplift me and paste them onto a page. It’s become a magical little tool. If I have a rough moment, I’ll open it and read something. Doesn’t really matter what it is, because I don’t put anything in it that won’t have a positive effect on my life. And sometimes it’s just exactly what I need to break me out of a funk. I highly recommend both a daily gratitude practice and a grounding/centering journal.

I’ll share with you the gratitude that I shared with my circle today, and then I’ll share a couple more gratitude moments that I’ve had since.

Today I am grateful for:

  • The opportunity to help other people feel good about themselves.

  • Feeling happy to go to work today.

  • Starting my morning with meditation and yoga.

  • Loving people deeply for being exactly who they are and not who I might want them to be.

  • My discipline in my eating habits.

And two other pieces of gratitude:

  • My little duck visitor in the park.

  • The message I received from a new friend that was full of love and encouragement.

I hope your day/week/month/year is full of moments to be grateful for.

With deep love,