I’m really fortunate to have the job that I have right now. There are the obvious reasons: It pays well. It’s stable. I have a lot of autonomy, and am in no way micromanaged. I get along with my team and the other people on the floor I work on. I have a reasonable commute. I am capital “G” Grateful for my job.

I’ll be honest with you. I’d rather be home painting. Or doing something else creative. Rather than churning spreadsheets or QCing data. But aside from the obvious reasons for being Grateful for my job, I’ve found some rather special and particular reasons to be Grateful that this is where I am at this time, and I fully believe that this time in my life is preparing me for a level of discipline and a sense of balance that will be required when I do finally make the leap to work for myself.

I have lots of opportunities for learning. When I’m only using half my brain to copy and paste data, the other half is listening to podcasts or YouTube videos. Most of the content I absorb right now is either personal development or spiritual content. They’re topics that I might not have pursued with quite so much focus if I was at home, and I find that my attention to these topics over the last few months has wrought some changes in me, most notably increased patience and a greater sense of peace. Added to my meditation routine, my listening habits have also helped me be able to quickly re-correct when I find that my mind wanders to heavy places.


Doodling on the cover of my Moleskine during a recent trip to the park

I have opportunities to walk. I work within walking distance of a beautiful park, and I walk down there during lunch nearly every day. I also occasionally step away from my desk and just go downstairs and take a walk around the block when I need a break. This city feels safe, and I probably walk more than I would if I worked from home. I find that a quick walk around the block refreshes my mind, and when I sit back down to work I can attack whatever project I’m working on with renewed energy. This attention to my mental balance has helped me to maintain my equanimity even when I am confronted by stressors in my personal life.

I have a healthful morning routine. I’m at my desk by 7:15 every morning. I could get up at 5:30 and have enough time to shower and dress to be at work on time, but I get up at 4:30 instead, because I don’t like to hurry in the morning. Instead, as soon as my alarm goes off, I get out of bed and meditate before I do anything else. I do some stretching. I drink some water. Last thing before I jump in the shower, I check messages from friends, because I’m blessed to have friends who uplift me, and who often make me smile or laugh. My routine helps me to shake off any lingering tiredness, and sets a mood precedent for my day. It is also a discipline that will serve me well when I’m working from a home office, and would otherwise be tempted to linger in bed a little too long.

I am Grateful for my opportunities for growth. I hope to always be able to see every phase of my life for the opportunities it holds.

With deep love,